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Premiums Drop During Covid-19 Pandemic Unitlink Remains as Mainstay for Life Insurance

2022, a Difficult Year for Equity Unitlink Products

Performance of Fixed Income Based Unitlinks Still Growing

Performance of Mixed Unitlink under Latest SE-OJK Era

Money Market Based Unitlink Still Performing Well During Pandemic

Customers Must Be Ready for Possible Premium Hike in 2023

Impact of Hardening Market on Insurance Industry in Indonesia

Hardening Market is Common in Reinsurance Industry

Predicting Direction of Hardening Market in Global Reinsurance

Difficult Time for Reinsurance Industry

Sharia General Insurance Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic Limited

Performance of Sharia Life Insurance Maintaining Growth Post-Pandemic Covid-19

Gross Premium of General Insurance: Declines in 2020, Bounces Back in 2021

Life Insurance Industry Maintaining Growth During Covid-19 Pandemic

PROSPECT OF SHARIA INSURANCE 2023: Optimistic, Performance Will Still Improve

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