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Tertiary Education Efforts to Fulfill Need for Actuaries

Performance of Life Insurance 2022, Hard-Working Still Needed to Attain the Best Results

General Insurance Performance 2022, Premiums Soar Post Covid-19 Pandemic

Reinsurance Performance 2022 Showing Mixed Results

Performance of Sharia Life Insurance 2022, Full-Fledged and Sharia Units Still Grow Positively

Performance of Sharia General Insurance 2022, Full Fledged and Sharia Units Show Positive Results

Performance of Sharia Reinsurance 2022, Gross Contribution Increases 2 Digits

Extra Efforts Needed to Comply with IFRS 17 Regime

Measuring the Plus and Minus Implementation of IFRS 17

Is the Application of IFRS-17 a ‘Bitter Pill’ for the Insurance Industry?

63 Insurance Market Leaders, Champions Remain Unbeaten

15 Market Leaders in Life Insurance, There Are Still Room for Growth

15 Market Leaders in General Insurance, Market Share Edges Lower from Last Year

Three Market Leaders of Reinsurance, Chance to Become the Best

15 Market Leaders of Insurance Brokers,Optimism Stimulates Positive Performance

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