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Insurance Industry Optimistic about Implementing POJK 23/2023

Comprehensive Study Needed for Spin-off

Readiness of Brokerage and Adjuster Industries in Complying with POJK 24/2024 Ruling

Future of Credit Insurance Post Issuance of POJK Number 20/2023

POJK 20/2023 on Insurance Credit Strengthening Continuous Cooperation

POJK 20/2023 Strengthening Risk Mitigation

Mulfifinance Industry Ready to Comply with POJK 20/2023

Economic Prospect 2024: Indonesian Economy to Still Grow Above 5 Percent

Prospect of Life Insurance 2024: Welcoming with Optimism and Full of Caution

Prospect of Sharia Insurance 2024: Tabbaru’ Funds Continue to Grow

Performing Digital Transformation with Governance

Conventional Financial Industry Continues to Improve Digital Innovation

Competition in Tech Startups Digital Winner Will Always Emerge

Why Do Insurance Companies Need Actuaries?

Why Actuary Considered an Expensive Profession

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