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15 Market Leaders in General Insurance, Market Share Edges Lower from Last Year

Three Market Leaders of Reinsurance, Chance to Become the Best

15 Market Leaders of Insurance Brokers,Optimism Stimulates Positive Performance

15 Market Leaders of Reinsurance Brokers, Manage to Show Their Existence

Urgency of Raising Insurance and Reinsurance Capital

Ready To Add New Capital, Deadline Should Be Extended

Performance of Insurances with Equities below Rp500 Billion during Pandemic Covid-19

Assessing Readiness of Insurance Industry Towards Capital Increase Plan

LRMA Survey: Raising Capital Not Urgent Yet, More Time Needed for Transition

Encouraging Voluntary Spin off in Sharia Insurance

Spin off of Insurance Sharia Units OJK Speeds up in Preparing New Ruling

Preparing Sharia Insurance HR, Biggest Challenges for Spin off

Brave Step to Embark on Spin off Results in Positive Performance

Impact of Insurtech Regulation on Insurance Brokers

Future of Insurtech in Indonesia Still Promising

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